Cascade British Nursery Kuwait: Where learning is fun!

Cascade is a British Nursery School in Kuwait

Its goal is to create a genuine home from home environment where activities are planned around each child's interests and abilities.

We are one of the few British Nursery schools in Kuwait.



Cascade is a wonderful, warm and loving nursery.  The staff are helpful and care about their children.  Both my daughters attend Cascade and really enjoy being there.  My eldest daughter Maya has progressed both academically and socially, my youngest who is nearly 2 has only been there a short while and I can already see a positive difference in her language skills and she has become more independent.  If you want your child to be in a safe and warm environment, I would highly recommend this nursery.  Thank you Cascade for taking good care of my girls.

Ghada Shuhaibar, Maya & Sama’s Mum



Kinnari loves going to Cascade Nursery and felt at home straight away when she started 3 years ago.  They follow the British Curriculum which was ideal for us.  The warm and friendly teachers ensure that she learns through play whilst also being challenged appropriately for her age.  Kinnari loves the outdoor play in the fabulous garden and indoor jungle gym.  Cascade have prepared Kinnari well for the transition to Reception when she goes to Primary School.  We are delighted that we chose Cascade and very much appreciate the happy start she has had to her education.

Shanta Patel, Kinnari’s Mum



We are so glad that Adam joined Cascade British Nursery.  We were looking up several nurseries in Kuwait but once we entered Cascade we knew instantly it would be the perfect place for Adam.  He instantly ran in and it felt like home.  It is indeed a very “homey” place, the management have always been very flexible and are concerned for each child.  The staff are very professional and above all are very attentive.  In no time Adam adapted and was actually asking me to go to school!  In a short time he has developed social and communication skills and other knowledge.  For us it was the best choice.  Cascade has been the perfect introduction for our little bee to fly into a wider flowery world!!  Thank you Cascade for making a difference in our lives.

Steve & Ebtisam Germain, Adam’s Mum and Dad

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